NHF is aflexible heatshrinkable sleeving with a low toxicity index. It combines low smoke and acid gas emission with good mechanical and fluid resistant properties. The tubing is especially designed for use in fire safety applications; insulation and protection of cables, harnesses and electrical components used in enclosed spaces. NHF complies with Def. Std. 59/97 Issue 3 Type 8.

Physical Properties

Shrink ratio 2:1
Flexibility Semi-flexible
Colour Black
Tensile strength 10.0 N/mm’
Ultimate elongation 250% min.
Relative density 1.4 max
Longitudinal change 10% max

Thermal Properties

Operating temp. range 40°C to + 125°C
Shrinkage temp. >120’C .
Storage stability Very good

Electrical Resistance

Dielectric strength 20 kv/mm

Chemical Properties

Corrosion Non-corrosive
Flammability Highly flame retarded

Colours available to order.