NHT is a heatshrinkable cross-linked polyolefin tape coated on one side with a hot melt sealant. It has innumerable applications and will provide a flexible and durable environmental seal, useful as a temporary low cost repair to PVE or polyolefin jacketed cables where immediate replacement is either inconvenient or expensive.

Physical Properties

Shrink ratio 1.1:1
Material Adhesive lined polyolefin
Flexibility Very flexible
Colours Black
Tensile strength 17.5N/mm”
Ultimate elongation 600% min
Adhesion peel strength 2,2kg/cm (to galvanised
Minimum longitudinal
Thickness of backing 0.45mm
Total thickness 1.05mm

Thermal Properties

Operating temperature range -18°C to + 55°C
Shrinkage temperature >125°C

Electrical Properties

Dielectric strength 26KV/mm

Chemical Properties

Flammability Not flame retarded
Tape Width   (mm).
Roll Length (mtrs).
NHT37 37.0 25.0
NHT50 50.0 25.0
NHT75 75.0 25.0
NHT100 100.0 25.0

Method of application

The appropriate length of tape is cut from a roll, wrapped snugly around the substrate, ensuring a continued overlap around the circumference equivalent approximately to the width of the tape. eg. 50mm wide tape overlaps by a further 50mm after the join. It is useful to hold the loose end in place with a small holding tab, then removing the thin protective film, before heat is applied to the tape.

As sufficient heat is applied, from the holding tab area first, the tape will be seen to shrink tightly, forcing the melted adhesive to flow into surface contours and to the edges of the tape. Allow ample time for cooling before handling. If the tape should need to be removed, apply heat until the adhesive melts (approx. 120¡C).