Ness Heatshrink produce varying grades of Polyolefin, PVC, PTFE, Flouroelastomer and Expanded Braided Cable sleeving. All in a multitude of thickness’s, rigidity, flexibility etc. For a wide variety of applications, high temperature, electrical insulation, protection against moisture, abrasion or the most hostile of environments or simply for an aesthetic finish, we have the material for the job.

NBRE A premium grade thin wall polyolefin formulated to meet the most exacting specifications. nbre
NBRE3 The advantages of a premium grade thin wall polyolefin combined with the versatility of a good 3:1 shrink ratio. nbre3
NBRE-B1 An irradiated cross-linked polyolefin. nbre-b1
NTRV An entry level PVC heat shrinkable sleeving, sensibly priced for a good range of general purpose applications. ntrv
NTRK NTRK is a thin wall sleeving with an extremely good tensile strength. ntrk
NTTR NTTR is made from PTFE a heat shrinkable sleeving will operating at very high continuous temperatures A diesel resistant cross-linked elastomeric sleeving. nttr
NDR NDR is the ideal abrasion resistant insulation for vehicle cables and harnesses. ndr
NVTN NVTN is a cross-linked flouroelastomer. It is self extinguishing, and will withstand impact and mechanical abuse. nvyn
NDW NDW is a semi flexible dual wall heat shrinkable sleeving. As the sleeving shrinks, the inner adhesive lining melts and flows to encapsulate the components contained within. ndw
NMW / NMWA NMW is a medium wall semi-rigid sleeving. nmw_nmwa
NEC NEC are a range of polyolefin semi-rigid heat shrinkable end caps, which are coated internally with a hot melt adhesive. nec
NAC NAC are a range of polyolefin semi-rigid heat shrinkable anode caps, coated internally with a highly protective mastic lining. nac
NHT NHT is a heatshrinkable cross-linked polyolefin tape coated on one side with a hot melt sealant. nht
NMA NMA is a hot melt adhesive liner, providing an independent means of adhesive application. nma
NCPM NCPM is an expandable braid cable jacket, manufactured in monofilament polyester. ncpm